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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Anti Aging Medicine With Dr. Lowry

What Is Bio-idential Hormoe Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is the use of hormones that are chemically identical to those our bodies make. This differs from the man-made synthetic hormones that are currently prescribed. This difference is important for two reasons: First, bio-identicals tend to be extremely well tolerated (ie. Fewer side effects) because your body recognizes them and knows how to process them; Secondly, bio-identicals can be measured by blood tests, allowing precise dosing to the exact levels needed. Commonly prescribed bio-identicals are estradiol (estrogen), progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, and growth hormone stimulators. As we get older, our hormone levels progressively drop so that a 50-year-old’s levels are much lower than a 25-year-old’s levels.

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What to Expect from Bio-idential Hormoe Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

Dr. Lowry M.D will discuss with you your options during your initial consultation. Typically, a panel of blood work is required for Dr. Lowry to go over everything with you. From there he will formulate the prescription best suited for you to regulate your hormones. After a few weeks you should start to feel the effects of BHRT.

Benefits of BHRT

Brain function

Lean Body Mass

Cardiovascular health

Hot flashes

Improved Energy

Hair loss



Bone health

Body inflammation




Joint pain


Skin tone


Weight loss

Skin appearance


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