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Personalized Facials

What is a Personalized Facial?

Trouvaille Med Spa utilizes several different types of treatments to achieve optimum results for our clients suffering from acne and more. Since each case is unique, we can tailor a treatment package that’s perfectly formulated for each individual. Our staff is especially sensitive to the needs of teens and can tailor a plan for clients of any age. Personalized facials can address a variety of needs ranging from premature aging and environmental damage to acne flare-ups to a dull and patchy complexion. 

What to Expect from a Personalized Facial?

A personalized facial consists of 45 to 60 minutes of massage, extractions, enzyme or exfoliation, mask and finished with serums/moisturizers. Each treatment is personalized to the individual. 

personalized facial in progress

Benefits of a Personalized Facial


Effective Treatment


Improved Tone & Texture

Reduce Acne

Overall Rejuvenation

Frequently Asked Questions for Personalized Facials

What do personalized facials include?

Usually, skin care professionals recommend that people have a facial every three or four weeks, because that’s how long it takes for your skin to go through the full life cycle of skin cell growth and exfoliation. Getting a facial every three to four weeks helps you keep the perfect glow all month long.

What is the goal of a facial?

Facials increase blood circulation in the face, giving the skin a healthy glow. Facials also exfoliate dry skin to stimulate cell turnover and collagen development.

How often should I get a facial?

It is important to have a facial every three or four weeks because your skin goes through the full life cycle in that time. This helps you keep that perfect glow all month long!

Are facials worth it?

Yes, not only are facials worth it, but they’re also an affordable way to improve your physical appearance and mental health. They’ll help clear up any acne or blemishes you may have, leaving you happier with the way your face looks.

Can personalized facials include advanced treatments like LED therapy or microdermabrasion?

Yes, personalized facials can incorporate advanced treatments such as LED therapy, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning (try our dermasmooth facial) or even light chemical peels. Depending on your skin’s needs, your esthetician can include these advanced techniques to enhance the overall effectiveness of the facial, targeting specific concerns like acne, fine lines, or uneven skin tone.

What should I do to prepare for a personalized facial?

To prepare for a personalized facial, it’s best to avoid using any exfoliating products, retinoids, or other strong skincare treatments for at least 48 hours before your appointment. Arrive with a clean face, free of makeup if possible, to allow the esthetician to thoroughly assess your skin. Additionally, share any recent skin treatments or reactions you’ve experienced to help them tailor the facial appropriately.

What makes a facial personalized?

A personalized facial is tailored to meet the unique needs and concerns of your skin. During a personalized facial, a skincare professional will assess your skin type, condition, and any specific issues you may have, such as acne, dryness, or signs of aging. Based on this assessment, they will customize the treatments, products, and techniques used to provide the most effective results for your skin.

How often should I get a personalized facial?

The frequency of personalized facials depends on your skin type, concerns, and goals. Generally, it’s recommended to get a facial every 4-6 weeks to maintain optimal skin health and address ongoing issues. Your skincare professional can provide a customized recommendation based on your individual needs.

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